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Enjoying Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

As we knew our apartment didn't have breakfast, I went to the grocery store for some strudels, apples, juice and tea. We went through our previous tea very fast trying to get rid of our colds, which are almost completely done with. We had a tour at the Eggenburg brewery booked at 11:00 this morning. We were the only ones in our group so got a good explanation on how they do everything. Even got to taste the beer out of one of the the big vats. After the tour was over we had a couple samplings of the various beers. They do it big in the Czech Republic, as each sample was a half of a litre. Because I'm sort of a lightweight drinking I needed a little bit of a siesta before moving on.
Quality Control, Eggenburg Brewery

Quality Control, Eggenburg Brewery

372713563_972051.jpg372713674_227484.jpg372713794_845221.jpgWorker cleaning out vat, Eggenburg Brewery

Worker cleaning out vat, Eggenburg Brewery

Beer tasting at Eggenberg Brewery

Beer tasting at Eggenberg Brewery

My nap took a bit too long and a trip to the castle here was scrapped. I (maybe we) shook the cobwebs off and headed out later, finally figuring a little more about our camera and taking some nice night pictures of this town. The last few days of our trip are going to be spent in Prague till we head home on Saturday. It's really the first we have talked of going home but we both know all good things have to come to an end.
270_372714844_837095.jpg270_372715472_509114.jpg372715834_549067.jpg372715267_999462.jpgThe street where we are staying, entrance to our apartment is first door on the right

The street where we are staying, entrance to our apartment is first door on the right


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Travel back to Prague

Left this morning back to Prague by bus instead of old train and were very, very surprised. Big modern bus that serves coffee and gives out newspapers, though we can't read Czech, and had a movie playing. We were lucky that our seats were on the first row, so could see everything. Much more comfortable than the train and a lot quicker. The cloud cover still hasn't lifted, but still no rain. We have a nice apartment suite in the old Jewish Quarter, where all the designer stores are located. Don't think we will be shopping in our district, no Gucci for Linda!
Once again no breakfast so have already shopped for groceries as our apartment has a kitchen. We had a late lunch and spent most of the evening blog writing and watching British game shows (english tv is limited). Learned one thing about British game shows though, nobody wins. Hopefully the weather clears for our last couple of days here. One good thing is that there hasn't been any snow yet, like in some places!

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Last Days In Prague

We are loving our apartment in Prague and enjoying our last few days here. We are having a very leisurely end to our journey; enjoying the scenery, people watching and just hanging out.

Todd and I did have one last task however; Charles Bridge also has "Love Locks", so we set out to find ourselves a hardware store to purchase a padlock. Mission accomplished, so back to Charles Bridge to attach our lock and 'declare our everlasting love'. Our names are written on one side, and Jackson's name is on the other. It was a really nice way to wrap up our great adventure.

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